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Study Abroad for Public Health Majors

AU Abroad, in consultation with the Public Health Program of the Department of Health Studies, is pleased to offer you a selection of programs suited for Public Health majors . These programs are recommended based on the academic quality of the host institution’s course offerings in your major. In addition to the following programs students can also explore other options through AU Abroad.

The Public Health program recommends that students study abroad during the second semester of their sophomore year, their junior year, or the first semester of senior year.

If you are interested in studying abroad, please let the Public Health programs director know as soon as possible so you can set up your schedule of classes that completes all the public health requirements and includes your study abroad experience.

Public Health majors who are also on the pre-medical track may take upper level biology, chemistry or physics courses as well as courses related to public and global health.

Below is a selection of highlighted study abroad options.

Programs at a Premier AU Abroad Center



Programs at Partner Institutions