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Road Safety and Transportation

Many students underestimate the risk of road safety abroad and become victims of a road or traffic-related accident. According to Association for Safe International Travel (ASIRT) road accidents are the leading cause of death and injury for healthly Americans travelling abroad.  In many countries persons under a certain age are prohibited from renting motor vehicles.  AU Abroad has a zero tolerance policy in regard these regulations and reserves the right to dismiss from study abroad any student found in violation of such country-specific prohibitions.

A few words of advice before you depart:

  • Don’t expect to operate a motor vehicle abroad.
  • Research the safest transportation options in your host country

and while you are abroad:

  • Don’t drive or operate motorized vehicles.
  • Avoid travelling late at night by road in countries with poor safety records and/or mountainous terrain.
  • Know the dates of local holidays when traffic, and accident rates, rise.
  • Make sure that you are easily visible to drivers when walking.
  • Don’t hitchhike
  • Use only legal, licensed taxis.
  • Do not accept lifts from anyone that you do not know.
  • Do not get into a taxi or any other form of public transportation if the driver seems intoxicated, over-tired or irrational, even if you are acquainted with the driver.
  • Always wear your seat built
  • Follow the guidance of local program staff
  • Remember that the pedestrian rarely has the right of way.

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