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Study Abroad Options in Germany

NOTE--The list below contains recommended options only. Students are not limited to just these programs! For a comprehensive listing of options, complete university descriptions, and course listings, please visit AU Abroad brochure webpages.
  • Generally, students study abroad between their second semester of sophomore year through their junior year. The decision when to study abroad should be made in consultation with the student’s academic advisor.
  • It is recommended that students plan with their academic advisor to complete AU Core requirements on campus before or after studying abroad
  • Currently, AU Abroad offers a variety of programs in the following cities in Germany:  Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt.  Each program site has its own unique structure in terms of the German language courses, options available for content courses and related languages of instruction, and the type of students with you in the classroom.
  • Students pursuing a major or minor in German language should consult with the World Languages and Cultures Department Program Advisor in advance of studying abroad to discuss which requirements can be taken abroad.


Programs that require no prior study of German

Freie Universität-Berlin European Studies program (FU-BEST): Fall, Spring or Academic Year

  • Program requires:  No German language prerequisite.  Courses available for beginning to advanced. 
  • Program structure:  Students complete two semesters of language study in an intensive language semester, for six credits.
  • As part of this structured study abroad program students will also select 2 or 3 content courses instructed in English to complement the German language study.  One content course instructed in German is offered for advanced students.  Students with advanced German may also choose to write papers and exams in German, even if the course is instructed in English.  You will be in the classroom with other study abroad students from various U.S. universities. 

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

  • Program requires:  No German language prerequisite, but some previous knowledge of German is helpful.
  • Program structure:  This is a direct enroll program with courses taught mostly in English making FS an excellent study abroad option for students in the Kogod School of Business.  Other students in the classroom are German and other international students. 
  • Free non-credit German language courses are also available for exchange students.  At least four semesters or equivalent of German language study is required to take courses in German.

Programs that require Two or More Years of College Level German

IES: Berlin Language and Area Studies

  • Program requires: at least four semesters or equivalent of German language study.
  • Program Structure: Students take courses at the IES center located in Mitte, Berlin, or can take direct enrollment courses in the spring semester at partner universities.  Internships are offered but might fall outside of the AU semester schedule.  All courses and program activities are conducted in German only. 
  • Students stay with Berlin homestays and have a local German language partner for the duration of the program.

Junior Year Munich:  Academic Year, Spring, Fall*

  • Program requires: at least four semesters or equivalent of German language study.  Students applying for the fall term or the academic year should have completed GERM 233 or its equivalent.  Students applying for the spring term should have completed GERM 332 or its equivalent.  Students should have earned at least a B+ in all of their German language courses.
  • Program Structure: This option allows AU students to directly enroll in courses at the University of Munich as well as courses offered for students on the program at JYM study center.  All program activities, including orientation, excursions and all classes, are conducted in German only. 
  • Normally, academic year students enroll in a combination of JYM courses and courses at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (University of Munich) for the first term and all of their courses at LMU Munich for the second term.  Students attending in the spring should have advanced language skills and plan to enroll only in courses at LMU Munich.  Advanced German language and composition courses are also available.

*Due to the German university calendar, students should plan to study on this program for the academic year or spring semester, preferably.  Students planning to go for only the fall semester would not be able to complete a regular spring semester on-campus at AU, although they may be able to combine with another study abroad opportunity in another city in Germany or another country that has a similar academic calendar.