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Study Abroad for Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies Majors

NOTE--The list below contains recommended options only. Students are not limited to just these programs! For a comprehensive listing of options, complete university descriptions, and course listings, please visit AU Abroad brochure webpages.
  • Generally, students study abroad between their second semester of sophomore year through the first semester of their senior year. The decision when to study abroad should be made in consultation with the student’s academic advisor and faculty advisor. 
  • Students may study abroad for one semester or one year. 
  • Students need to let their academic advisor and faculty advisor know as soon as possible about their desire to study abroad so they can meet to discuss their study abroad goals and how to fit this experience into their specific academic program and graduation requirements. 
  • Even after courses abroad have been equated to courses at AU, students must review final course selection with their academic advisors. 
  • For those subject to General Education rather than the AU Core requirements, it is recommended that students complete at least 80% of their general education requirements before studying abroad. 
  • There are no limits of credits that can be applied to the major, subject to review by academic and faculty advisors. The student should receive approval from the academic counselor about how courses and credits may apply to the major, both before departure and once students return from study abroad.
  • Typically, students apply 6-9 credits from their abroad curriculum to their program requirements, though students have applied more on occasion in the past.

Partner Universities with WGSS Departments offering undergraduate majors/concentrations



New Zealand

Partner Universities with Programs in WGSS

**While these universities do not offer undergraduate degrees in WGSS, they have specialized centers/programs offering specialized degrees not available to AU students.  There will still likely be a good choice or relevant courses offered in their Sociology and/or Anthropology Departments, and other relevant ancillary activities




Other AU Partners