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Program Specific Scholarships

Program Specific Scholarships

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Program Specific Scholarships

Maximum Amount

Austria: Vienna Music (IES) 2,000 per semester
Brazil: Brazilian Studies and Portuguese Language (CET) 1,200 per semester
China: Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad (G-MEO) 2,400 per semester

Costa Rica: Universidad Nacional Autonoma (IFSA-Butler)

$1000 per semester

Czech Republic: Prague Central European Studies

$1200 per semester

Czech Republic: Prague Jewish Studies

$1200 per semester

England: King's College London


England: London Health Practice & Policy Program (IES) $2,000 per semester

England: University College London


England: University of Exeter


Germany: Freie Universitat Berlin

€650 per month

Germany: Freie Universitat Berlin Summer Course

€650 per month

Germany: Junior Year in Munich

$4000 per semester

India: Alliance Program in Pune and Manipal $4,500 per semester
India: Buddhist Studies in India (Antioch) $4,000 per semester

Italy: Studio Art Centers International

$2500 per semester
Japan: Buddhist Studies in Japan (Antioch) $4,000 per semester

Japan: Waseda University

80000 yen per month +150,000 yen travel subsidy

Jordan: CET Programs $1,200 per semester

Netherlands: Sexuality and Gender Identity (SIT)

$5000 per semester

Russia: Bard Smolny  
Russia: Russian Language and Area Studies (American Councils)  

Scotland: University of Edinburgh


Scotland: University of Glasgow