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Environmental Sustainability and Public Health

This is a selection of highlighted study abroad options.  For a comprehensive listing of programs, complete university descriptions and course listings, please visit the AU Abroad Website.  Please note that inclusion on this list does not guarantee the applicability of credit to your individual degree program.  Please consult with your academic advisor for further assistance in determining the appropriateness of your program choice.


University of Melbourne
You can take courses from the full curriculum of U. Melbourne,  situated in one of Australia’s most dynamic, cities.   Melbourne will allow you to study policy in addition to environmental science in a premiere location. 
James Cook University
You will be able to select courses from the full curriculum in Biomedical Sciences and Environmental Sciences in a unique location on the tropical coast of northeast Australia. 


Santiago Program
Hosted by Universidad Diego Portales, the program offers a rich analysis of the contemporary issues that affect Chile and Latin America within a context of the world stage, such as sustainable development, poverty, social issues, globalization, politics, and Spanish language.Two years of college level Spanish is required.

Costa Rica

Universided Nacional de Heredia
In the Center for General Studies, you can study a variety of subjects relating to the environment:  Indigenous Ecology and Natural Resources and Sustainability.  Language of instruction is Spanish.


The Danish Institute for Study Abroad  (DIS)
DIS offers a program giving unique insight into policy issues relating to sustainability in a European context, and a Public Health program.  You can choose a course with travel in either field and take electives in the other.   Summer options are available.


London Health Practice & Policy Program
This program offers specialized study in London and Oxford, ending at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. 


Contemporary India Program in Pune
You can study the environmental issues and concerns of India in the context of an overall examination of the history, culture and development of Indian society. 


Arava Institute for Environmental Studies
Arava offers a unique program of environmental studies as informed by regional peacemaking efforts.  The program makes an effort to balance participation among Arab, Israeli and International students, and participants live on a kibbutz.


Environment & Human Health
AU Nairobi offers a specialized curriculum that moves from Nairobi to western Kenya and then northern Kenya to the Turkana Basin Institute.  Students complete the semester with a choice of an internship or independent study in a predetermined Kenyan location.  Offered each Spring.
Public Health
AU Nairobi offers a specialized curriculum in Public Health and Kenyan culture, including very hands-on internship with an urban community-based organization.  Offered each Fall.


Global & Public Health in Spain and Europe
AU Madrid offers course choices and internships to students who want to study in this dynamic city.  Offered each Fall.