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This is a selection of highlighted study abroad options.  For a comprehensive listing of programs, complete university descriptions and course listings, please visit the program pages of the AU Abroad Website.  Please note that inclusion on this list does not guarantee the applicability of credit to your individual degree program.  Please consult with your academic advisor for further assistance in determining the appropriateness of your program choice. 


University of New South Wales
You will take courses from the full curriculum at a premier Australian institution, with an opportunity to enjoy Sydney, Australia’s largest city.


European Union in Action
In this program designed for AU students, you will have the opportunity to learn about the structure and function of the European Union. Internship is included!


Santiago Program
In this program designed for AU students, you will have the opportunity to learn about Chilean politics and governance.  Spanish required.


Beijing Program
In this program designed  for AU students  you will have the opportunity to study recent reforms in  governance and Sino-American relations.


BU London Internship Program
In this intensive experiential program, you have the opportunity to study Comparative Government and International Relations Steps away from British Parliament.  Internship Included!


Freie Universitaet-Berlin European Studies
You will have the opportunity to take a selection of courses in German and Central European Politics from a contemporary and historical perspective in addition to German language.  No prior study of German required.


Yonsei University
Yonsei offers you a unique opportunity to study political institutions in one of the region’s most stable and growing democracies. 


Universidad de las Americas, Puebla
You will have the opportunity to study the emerging politics of our important neighbor to the South.  Internships are available.


University of Leiden
You will have the opportunity to learn alongside Dutch students about politics from national as well as continental and international perspectives.

New Zealand

Victoria University of Wellington
By directly enrolling, you will have the opportunity to gain insight in the structure and function of governance in this country of astounding beauty, and of the region as well.


Jagiellonian University
Through the Centre for  European Studies, you can study the development of Central European Institutions, particularly through the dramatic changes of the last century.


Higher School of Economics
This program is for students with  an interest in directly enrolling in a Russian university. Students are required to take at least one Russian language course and have the option of taking content courses in English or Russian along side Russian students. It is highly recommended that students take at least one semester of Russian before applying. Students live in university dorms with other international and Russian students.


Aberystwyth University
In Wales you will be able to enroll directly at the world's first university department of International Politics!