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SIS Global Inequality and Development

This is a selection of highlighted study abroad options.  For a comprehensive listing of programs, complete university descriptions and course listings, please visit the AU Abroad Website.  Please note that inclusion on this list does not guarantee the applicability of credit to your individual degree program.  Please consult with your academic advisor for further assistance in determining the appropriateness of your program choice.


Brazilian Studies and Portuguese Language - CET's  Sao Paolo program allows students to study Portuguese language with elective courses in Poverty and Inequality, International Development, Politics and Economics while having an immersive experience with a Brazilian roommate in beautiful Sao Paolo.


Santiago Program
Hosted by Universidad Diego Portales, the program organizes homestays and internships in Santiago and program excursions throughout Chile. The program requires two years of college level Spanish (completion of SPAN 253 or the equivalent). Subjects offered include Latin American Politics, Globalization in Latin America, Development, Poverty and Social Inequity in Chile, Environmental Problems in an International Perspective,Spanish language, and other Latin American Studies topics.


The School for Oriental and African Studies
SOAS,  provides the UK’s premier education in the study of the languages and cultures Africa and Asia, together with contemporary issues in development and international relations.  A 3.3  gpa is required. 


Contemporary India Program
Located in Pune, the Contemporary India Program allows students to combine the study of the culture of India with Issues of Contemporary Development in a curriculum designed for students in the program. 


Contemporary Issues in Kenya and Africa
You learn about the urbanization of poverty in the third world through this unique program.  You will take an internship at a grassroots development organization.  Summer internships now available.


Yonsei University
If you are interested in North and East Asia, Yonsei University offers you the opportunity to study development in a variety of comparative economic contexts.  Courses are instructed in English.


US-Mexico Solidarity Network
This program affords you the opportunity to study development theory in depth, in conjunction with extensive engagement at the community level  in the Mexican state of Chiapas.  5 semesters of  Spanish required.

New Zealand

Victoria University of Wellington
Vic U. has a robust course program in Development Studies which will allow you an interdisciplinary approach to theory and practice  with special attention paid to the Pacific region.


University of Glasgow
You can enroll directly in the University curriculum for degree seeking students and take courses in inequality and development through the Department of Economics, as well as others.


National Chengchi University
National Chengchi University offers you the opportunity to take two courses in the Institute of Development Studies, with  the opportunity to study comparative economic development and cross-strait relations.


Aberystwyth University
In Wales you will be able to enroll directly at the world's first university department of International Politics!