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Jewish Studies Study Abroad Major Advising Sheet

AU Abroad, in consultation with the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and the Jewish Studies Program (JSP) offers a selection of study abroad programs suited for Jewish Studies majors. These programs are recommended based on the quality of the host institution’s course offerings in the major.

The decision when to study abroad should be made in consultation with the student’s academic advisor to ensure it fits with their academic program and allows for successful completion of the senior thesis in Jewish Studies. If a student plans to be abroad during one semester of the senior year, then the student must spend one semester of their junior year preparing their thesis.

There is no limit on the number of credit from study abroad that can be counted towards the major in Jewish Studies.

Students that complete an intensive Hebrew Ulpan course in Israel prior to the start of the Fall or Spring semester could be able to use this course to satisfy the Hebrew language requirement in the major. Discuss the details with the Director of the JSP (

The study abroad options best suited for Jewish Studies majors are located in Israel and the Czech Republic. In addition to these options, many of our partner universities in the English speaking world also offer courses related to Jewish Studies. Visit the AU Abroad website and discuss specific courses with the JSP for approval. 

Czech Republic

Prague Jewish Studies (CET)
The Prague Jewish Studies program gives students the opportunity to study the rich history, culture, and literature of Central and Eastern European Jewry through a multidisciplinary curriculum of intensive courses in Prague. The program's location of Prague is one of Europe's most beautiful and enchanting cities, and host to one of the oldest continuous Jewish communities in Europe and one of the richest collections of Judaica in the world.


Ben-Gurion University of the Negev 
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev is located in the city of Beer-Sheva – the capital of the Negev region. Offering a host of Jewish Studies courses, BGU also offers thematic programs in Global Health, Sustainable Development, and Israel Studies. BGU also has intensive Hebrew language courses during the fall, spring, and summer terms.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Study abroad in Jerusalem, a densely populated, bustling city full of significant historical sites, restaurants, museums, and all manner of cultural activities. Hebrew University offers a wide variety of courses, offered mainly in English, in such areas as Jewish studies, Israel studies, archaeology, history, literature, philosophy, religion, communications, international relations, political science, psychology, sociology, and life sciences. Hebrew University also has intensive Hebrew language courses in the fall, spring, and summer terms. Thematic Jewish studies courses are also available during the summer semester.

Tel Aviv University
Situated in the heart of Israel's coastal region, Tel Aviv University (TAU) is located only a short distance from both the magnificent Mediterranean coast and bustling downtown Tel Aviv, the center of Israeli arts, culture and entertainment. Students take courses in the TAU International School in a wide variety of fields including Jewish Studies. Intensive Hebrew language courses are also available in the fall, spring, and summer terms.

University of Haifa
Two of the most distinguishing features of Haifa are the physical beauty of this coastal city and the co-existence of its ethnically diverse communities who live and work together. The Christian and Muslim communities of Haifa, the neighboring Druze villages of Usifiya and Daliat-el-Carmel, and Jewish communities from all over Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, North and South America, Ethiopia, and India have combined to create a modern Mediterranean city that is truly special. Students take classes in a variety of fields including Jewish Studies or participate in thematic Honors programs in Psychology or Peace and Conflict Resolution. Intensive Hebrew and Arabic are also available.