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Study Abroad for Psychology Majors

AU Abroad, in consultation with the Department of Psychology, offers a selection of programs suited for Psychology Majors. These programs are recommended based on the academic quality of the host institution’s course offerings in the major. Below is a selection of highlighted study abroad programs strong in Psychology.  

Keep in mind:
  • Psychology students should study abroad during the junior year or first semester of the senior year.
  • To receive psychology credit for any courses taken abroad, the courses must be pre-approved and in the AU Abroad Course Equivalency Database before you take them.  Retroactive approvals will not be given.  Should classes close prior to arrival at the host institution, you need to submit additional equivalency requests before registering for additional classes.  
  • Psychology majors can count up to 6 credit hours of pre-approved courses taken while abroad toward their major course requirements.  Courses under consideration must be offered by the Psychology Department at the host institution.  
  • To have courses equated/approved, submit the electronic course equivalency request through the AU Abroad course equivalency database in myAU.  Students can schedule an appointment to meet with the department chair.  
  • If you are in AU's premedical program, you can go abroad!  Many programs offer courses on topical biomedical and health sciences subjects.  
Most of our partner universities in the English-speaking countries of Australia, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, and Wales all have excellent Departments or Faculties of Psychology. You may take Psychology courses at any of the following AU Partner Universities.  

NOTE--The list below contains recommended options only.  Students are not limited to just these programs!  For a comprehensive listing of options, complete university descriptions, and course listings, please visit AU Abroad brochure webpages.  





New Zealand