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SIS:  Identity, Race, Gender and Culture

This is a selection of highlighted study abroad options.  For a comprehensive listing of programs, complete university descriptions and course listings, please visit the AU Abroad Website.  Please note that inclusion on this list does not guarantee the applicability of credit to your individual degree program.  Please consult with your academic advisor for further assistance in determining the appropriateness of your program choice.


Beijing Program
You will have the opportunity to study Contemporary Gender Studies in the Chinese context.  While there is no language pre-requisite, prior study of Mandarin is strongly recommended.


Danish Institute for Study Abroad
You can take a variety of courses in the areas of Race, Gender and Identity, in this popular program that builds academically related travel opportunities into the program! 


King’s College London
Study right in the heart of London at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK.
SOAS, a constituent college of the University of London, offers you to study Race, Gender and Identity of the African, Asian and Middle-Eastern World, in a sociological and anthropological context.  Extensive language offerings relevant to these areas are available.


Middle East Studies and Internship (CET) - The internship, Issues in the JOrdanian Workplace has been approved as SISA 391 and is considered viable for IRGC credit and Middle East regional credit.


International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender
This program offers you a set curriculum of courses on the topic with the opportunity to conduct in-depth independent research.  You will be able to take advantage of all of the resources available in Amsterdam and live with a homestay family.
University College Maastricht
This option allows you to directly enroll in University classes with your degree-seeking Dutch peers.  UC Mastricht uses a unique problem-based learning model that emphasizes small group process.  You will be able to study Gender, Race and Identity in a social-psychological context, and how these areas inform public policy and international relations.


Iberian Experience
This program allows you to explore the unique identity and diversity of Spain.  Student take a 6-credit seminar (SISA-363) about Spanish Society, Politics, Economics, and Culture, along with other optional courses including Migration in Spain (SISA-363), Art History, International Relations, Gender Inequality, Communications, Internships, and Spanish language. 

Clashes & Alliances of Mediterranean Civilizations
In this program you will explore history, philosophy, mythology, literature, politics, arts, and international relations of Spain and the Mediterranean region.  Students take a 6-credit seminar (SISA-363) course alongside other courses related to the Mediterranean region.