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  • Locations: Dublin, Ireland
  • Program Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
  • Restrictions: AU applicants only
  • Budget Sheets: Fall, Spring
  • Dates / Deadlines
Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
Advisor: Brita Doyle Language Pre-requisite: none
Minimum GPA: 3.3 Class Level Required for Admission: Junior standing
Click here for a definition of this term Non-AU Students Accepted by AU: No Language of Instruction: English
Language Courses Offered: Yes Housing: Dormitory, Shared Apt.
Internship: none Click here for a definition of this term Program Type: Direct Enrollment
Program Description:

Is this Program Right for You?

Trinity sunsetSince 1592, rigorous academics have endured at Trinity College Dublin on a handsome 40-acre campus in the heart of the capital. It is the oldest university in Ireland and one of the older universities of Western Europe. Trinity is known for its emphasis on and commitment to research and prides itself on its strong tradition of close personal contact between staff and students. Trinity College is situated in the center of Dublin, Ireland's vibrant capital city, with over 15,500 students including 2,300 from over 90 different countries.  AU students now have the extraordinary opportunity to study at this world-renowned university.

Experience Ireland's lyrical landscape and vibrant city life firsthand! Find out for yourself how the emerald isle's population "saved civilization" from barbarians thanks to diligent scribes, and how the country, crippled by a great potato famine, was able to rise to great prominence in the EU community. Immerse yourself in rich Irish history and exciting city life, while studying at one of the country's most prestigious institutions.



Students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.3 in order to apply for the Trinity College Dublin program. 


AU students directly enroll in Trinity College Dublin for either a semester or a full year and earn full AU credit. AU students are completely integrated into life at Trinity, taking classes alongside Irish and other Trinity campusinternational students. Trinity offers a wide range of subjects in humanities and social sciences, business and economics, science and engineering, and health sciences. Students typically apply to study within a just a couple teaching departments such as English or Art History or within an interdisciplinary faculty such as Business, Economics and Social Science (which includes economics, sociology, political science, social studies, and business studies). Students only take courses in the department(s) into which they are accepted. Students accepted into interdisciplinary faculties normally enroll in courses encompassing only two or three subject areas. In special circumstances, it may be possible to take some courses in other departments or faculties. Trinity also offers a wide-range of "Broad Curriculum" courses in a variety of subjects which are open to all students to take from all departments. 

For more information on courses - or "modules" as they are referred to at Trinity -  available, please see Trinity's website. Once you're on the page linked in the previous sentence, scroll down to see a list of all available departments at Trinity. Click on the name of the department to be taken to further information on courses available. Each department's page will have a different look and feel. Some links take you directly to a list of modules.  Some other links take you to the department's home page. Then, you often have to click on a link in the left side tool bar for "Module Outlines" in order to see the module lists.

At Trinity, independent study is particularly emphasized; each visiting student will be assigned to a tutor whose duty will be to look after your interests and welfare and to provide you with advice.  Classes are going to take place in extremely large lecture halls. 

Course Equivalency

View the Course Equivalency Database to find out which courses on this program have already been equated to AU courses. Please note that you are NOT limited to just these courses. Students will need to request equivalency for courses which have not been previously reviewed. Read more about the course equivalency process and how AU counts study abroad credits on our Courses and Credits page.

Semester Start Up Program

Keep in mind that all students are pretty much required to participate in this unique program offered by Trinity called the Semester Start Up Program.  It is for visiting study abroad students and takes place before the official term.  This unique Semester Start-up Program offers international students an interdisciplinary module called "Understanding Ireland" which gives students an excellent introduction to Ireland and Irish Culture.  It touches upon history, archaeology, art, architecture, classical studies and literature of Ireland.  The iteration of this course prior to the Fall semester lasts three weeks and AU students receive 3 AU credits for this course.  The credits count into their Fall semester credit total so students should carefully take this into account when selecting the number of courses during the regular Fall term at Trinity.  Prior to the Spring semester, the SSP program is only one week long, and does not carry any credit value, so it does not count as one of the Spring semester courses.

IMPORTANT: Participation in the SSP gives students a priority when it comes to Trinity's housing application process.  Housing is extremely limited and not guaranteed to visiting students when they study at Trinity.  Therefore students are **strongly** encouraged to participate in the SSP to better their chances of getting a university housing placement for the semester/year abroad.

Student Life

Life in Dublin

Trinity buildingsDublin began as a Viking settlement founded over one thousand years ago on the banks of the River Liffey and situated on a majestic broad sweeping bay. Dublin is now the thriving capital of an independent Ireland and is the centre of the political, diplomatic, administrative and commercial life of the country. It is home to a population of approximately one million people. The city is renowned for its Georgian architecture, famous writers and musicians, and features all the excitement and diversity one would expect of a great capital.

Trinity offers both a beautiful, old campus, and modern facilities. Even though the college is in the middle of a bustling city, the campus retains a peaceful atmosphere with cobble-stone walkways, lush gardens, and green parks. Among the historic buildings, the library houses the world-renowned Book of Kells, an ornate manuscript of the Gospels composed in the 9th century. One of Ireland's major tourist attractions, Trinity's campus is also an intimate part of the city, where hundreds of Dubliners stroll each day.

Housing and Meals

Due to space constraints of it's historic campus, there is some availability of the University's Hall of Residence, Trinity Hall, for visiting study abroad students, although it is very limited. Trinity Hall is a large, friendly complex with its own Junior Common Room which organizes many social activities and outings. Trinity Hall accommodates over 1,000 students in shared single or twin apartments. Some extremely lucky students get a housing placement on Trinity's historic campus downtown, but this is rare/

Dublin student lifeMany visiting students who do not receive housing in the University residence hall are accommodated in shared houses or small self-catering flats and apartments in the city center and the suburbs. Houses and flats vary in price, depending on size, facilities and location.

Upon acceptance, students are sent information on how to apply for accommodation. Accepted students who don't get university housing may need to arrive early in as in order to maximize chances of finding suitable and affordable accommodation. To assist students in locating suitable accommodation, an Accommodation Advisory Service is available where students can obtain lists of available houses, apartments or lodgings. Temporary accommodation is also available on campus for a maximum stay of 2 weeks anytime during September.

Trinity does not operate a meal plan. However, there are three restaurants on campus for students: the Dining Hall, the Buttery and the Hamilton Restaurant. In addition there are several coffee shops serving sandwiches, snacks and Fairtrade hot drinks. The Pavilion Bar serves hot snacks and drinks. Hot snacks are also available in the Junior Common Room in Goldsmith Hall.

As Trinity College campus is right in the center of Dublin city there is a good selection of places to eat within walking distance of the University.

See the Trinity website for more information about student life.


The Trinity College Dublin Program has traditionally been available for the Full Year. However, several years ago they switched to a semester calendar and so there is a Fall semester ("Michaelmas" in Trinity terms) and Spring semester ("Hilary" and "Trinity" in Trinity terms) program option at Trinity although many AU students still study abroad at Trinity for a full academic year. Please see the Trinity website for specific program dates. The academic year is divided into three terms which follow a semester-like schedule:

    * AU Fall Semester = Trinity "Michaelmas" term (late September - mid December)
    * AU Spring Semester = Trinity "Hilary" and "Trinity" terms (mid January - late May)
Note that the optional Semester Start-up Program for study abroad students occurs three weeks before the Fall term (end of August - late September) and before the Spring term (one week in early January).

Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Academic Year 2018-2019 03/08/2018
Varies by program 08/20/2018 05/04/2019
NOTE: Program dates are tentative. Final dates will be confirmed upon acceptance into the program.
Fall 2018 03/08/2018
Varies by program 08/20/2018 12/15/2018
NOTE: Program dates are tentative. Final dates will be confirmed upon acceptance into the program.
Spring 2019 10/01/2018
Varies by program 01/12/2019 05/04/2019
NOTE: Program dates are estimates. Do not finalize travel arrangements until exact dates are given by program. Admissions decisions from Trinity can take up to several months to arrive back to AU.
Fall 2019 03/08/2019 ** Varies by program 08/19/2019 12/14/2019
NOTE: Program dates are tentative. Final dates will be confirmed upon acceptance into the program.
Academic Year 2019-2020 03/08/2019 ** Varies by program 08/19/2019 05/02/2020
NOTE: Program dates are tentative. Final dates will be confirmed upon acceptance into the program.

** The time it takes to receive an admissions decision varies greatly by program; it can take as little as two weeks or as long as several months. Contact AU Abroad for further details on your program's admissions timeline.

Indicates that deadline has passed