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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Academic Year Budget Sheet for Abroad at AU.

Academic Year Budget Sheet for Abroad at AU
Academic Year Budget Sheet for Abroad at AU
Budget Item Cost
Abroad at AU Non-exchange Student Tuition *   $26,231.00
Mandatory Student Fees *   $642.00
AU Health Insurance *   $2,016.00
Rent/Housing (based on Double Occupancy) *   $10,198.00
175 Meal Plan *   $4,932.00
Billable (on AU student account) subtotal:  $44,019.00
Estimated Visa & Immigration Related Fees   $380.00
Books   $800.00
Personal Expenses   $1,472.00
Non-billable (not paid through AU student bill; paid independently by student to another party) subtotal:  $2,652.00
Total: $46,671.00
  • Exchange students are not responsible for tuition, this cost is covered by the institutional agreement. Exchange students can subtract this cost from their budget.
  • If a course requires a lab fee, this amount will be added to the above mandatory student fees.
  • Meal Plan above is for 175 meals.  View further information on meal plan options. Any student living on campus must be enrolled in a meal plan.
  • About Health Insurance: American University requires all full-time students to have health insurance. You should carry valid proof of insurance at all times during your stay in the United States. Unless you complete a health insurance waiver form, you will be billed automatically for the American University insurance plan, which provides low-cost and comprehensive coverage.


Students must be able to meet the following costs as they apply to their particular situation:

  • Travel expenses between home country and Washington DC, and during vacation periods
  • Large purchases (such as computers, furniture, etc...)
  • Medical expenses not covered by health insurance (eye care, dental care, or medical problems developed before arriving at the university)
  • Food and housing during school holidays
* Billable item