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Course Changes While Abroad

In some instances it is not possible to register for courses prior to arriving on site.  When this occurs, students must contact their academic advisor via e-mail to review the new courses and then submit a course equivalency request to the relevant faculty reviewer.

General Education Courses Abroad

Student are allowed to take up to 6 credit hours of general education credit abroad. In order for a course abroad to be considered for general education credit, it must either be equated to a specific general education course at AU or, if there is no exact equivalent, it must be is deemed to meet the spirit of AU’s general education guidelines by the faculty reviewer.

Taking Courses on a Pass/Fail Basis

Students may receive credit at AU on a pass/fail basis in accordance with current AU undergraduate academic regulation. Students may change a course to pass/fail by completing the online request form. Changes will be accepted up until the end of the tenth week of the semester at your program abroad or the equivalent for summer and other non-standard sessions. Students are responsible for verifying that such changes are reflected in their official student record. Absolutely no changes will be made after the first ten weeks of classes. AU Abroad cannot, under any circumstances, change grades retroactively to pass/fail. Even if a student elects to take a course pass/fail at AU, they MUST take the course for a grade at their host institution.

PLEASE NOTE: SIS courses abroad and courses which are equated to SIS courses CANNOT be taken pass/fail.

On-Line Courses

Students CANNOT take on-line courses at AU or any other institution while they are studying abroad. The ONLY exception is ECON - 458: Economics of World Regions.