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Study Abroad Participation Agreement

All students who study abroad through AU Abroad will be required to sign a study abroad participation agreement. The philosophy of AU Abroad is to provide me with cultural immersion in the context of an engaging and rigorous academic program.

Attendance in all scheduled classes and program activities is expected. On programs that are custom-designed for study abroad students, such attendance is mandatory: this is a requirement for the awarding of academic credit.

Absence from scheduled classes and other required program activities may only be excused for the following reasons:

  1. Genuine illness (i.e. not hangovers or other self-inflicted conditions)
  2. Accident
  3. Other emergency situations

Excused absences may only be granted by Program/host university administrative staff, not by individual faculty members.

Students may not miss classes and required activities for personal reasons such as vacation travel or visits from family and friends.

When traveling independently on weekends or scheduled holiday breaks, students must provide contact information and details regarding their whereabouts to the program/host university administrative staff.

Students are required to complete their full term of study abroad, including sitting any scheduled examinations. They may not end their term of study abroad early unless there is an emergency.

Students are held to the AU Code of Student Conduct at all times during their term of study abroad.

Persistent tardiness or unexcused absences will result in negative consequences, which may include but not be limited to reduced / failing grades in the effected classes, disciplinary action, probation, or dismissal from the program.  In addition, students who take unexcused absences for personal travel may void their coverage through the AU international emergency insurance policy.