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Course Equivalency Process

In all instances, the credit you receive for your AU Abroad experience will appear on your AU transcript as AU credit, with grades that will be calculated into your overall grade point average. In order to determine what AU courses will appear on your transcript, an AU faculty member must equate all the courses that you take abroad to courses at AU. Please note that failure to obtain equivalencies will result in the delay of posting of credits and grades and possible delay dispensing financial aid.

Step 1

Research course options offered through your study abroad program. You should print course descriptions from the website or course catalog, and discuss these options with your academic advisor.

Step 2

Review the course equivalency database  to find out if the courses have already been equated to AU courses. Remember that our partner universities offer many courses that will not yet have an equivalent so you should not rely solely on the list when selecting courses. In addition, not all courses listed in the database will be offered during every term.

Step 3

If a specific course does not have an equivalent, submit an online course equivalency request.

Be prepared to submit syllabi that MUST include:

  • an outline topics covered throughout the term;
  • a description of methods used for assessment; and
  • a comprehensive reading list.

If a syllabus is not in English, you will be required to provide a translation along with the original version of the syllabus.

ONLY submit requests for courses that do NOT appear in the database of pre-approved courses.

The review process can take up to two weeks.

Step 4

Review final course selection and equations with your academic advisors to ensure you receive major or minor credit.

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Credit Values for Courses Taken Abroad

The course equivalency process does not determine credit values. Credit values originate with the transcript provided by the host institution, according to the formula provided in the Credit and Grade Conversion guide for your host institution.  You should consult with the relevant AU Abroad Advisor if they have questions regarding credit values.