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How do I apply?

You will complete the majority of your application on-line through your AU Abroad Portal. Application materials become available in this portal approximately 6-9 months prior to the study abroad term. Applications are due in the semester prior to studying abroad. Students should submit all application materials directly to the AU Abroad Office. Students may only apply to one program per academic term. If you would like to change programs during the application process, please email AU Abroad.

How do I start my application?

To begin your application, you should go to the web page for your chosen program on the AU Abroad Web site. Then click on the "apply now" link.  Some programs require meeting with an advisor to access the application.  Please see the Fact Sheet on the program's brochure page to determine if this is the case. After clicking "apply now" on the brochure page, answer the first question to determine if you are an AU student or an outside applicant. If you are an AU student, you will log in with your AU username and password- you do NOT need to create a new login. Most of your demographic information will be imported from AU's central records system at this time. If you are a non-AU student, you will be asked to provide this information. Once you have answered the application questions you will have access to your AU Abroad portal where you will be able to view all of the application materials required for your chosen program.

Application Requirements

AU Abroad Application Materials:

AU Abroad On-line application

  • $50 non-refundable AU Abroad application fee - Please note: your application is not considered "in process" until you have paid your application fee.
  • Explanation of intent to study abroad (300-500 words)
  • Official transcript
  • Authorization from your Academic Advisor (submitted through AU Abroad's on-line application portal)
  • Disciplinary Review from the Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Services Office (Instructions for this request are included in AU Abroad on-line application portal – Please allow at least 1-2 weeks for processing)

In addition to meeting our academic requirements, students also need to demonstrate their ability to be responsible global citizens.  To make this assessment, AU Abroad will consult with the Dean of Students Office to determine whether students have committed any disciplinary or housing violations and to ascertain the circumstances surrounding any such violations.  This information is used in determining a student's suitability for study abroad and may be shared with the specific program to which the student applies.  Students who have serious or repeated disciplinary violations may not be permitted to study abroad.  A student placed on disciplinary probation that extends into the program's term will not be permitted to study abroad.  Students who have been convicted of criminal offenses may not be permitted to study abroad.

Program-Specific Application Materials

In addition to the AU Abroad application materials, students will also need to submit additional application materials specific to their selected program.

Students should complete the application materials listed in their on-line application portal and submit these application materials to the AU Abroad office by the designated deadline.

Application Deadlines

You can find the application deadline listed at the bottom of the factsheet for your selected program on our Web site.

For some programs, your Study Abroad Advisor would like to meet with you before you begin your application. Once you have met with your Study Abroad Advisor, he or she will allow you access to the application in this portal.

If you are interested in applying to study in one of the following countries or programs, please make an appointment with the appropriate advisor:

  • Denmark (DIS Copenhagen)
  • England: London School of Economics, Oxford University: Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University: St. Edmund Hall
  • India
  • Japan
  • Kenya
  • Korea
  • Russia (Bard-Smolny Program)
  • Taiwan