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Kogod School of Business Majors

NOTE--The lists below contains recommended program options for Kogod majors. Students are not limited to just these programs! For a comprehensive listing of options, complete university descriptions, and course listings, please visit AU Abroad brochure webpages.

  • KSB students under the General Education Program must complete this Kogod Academic Advisor Approval Form - General Education Program along with the abroad application.
  • KSB students under the AU Core must complete this Kogod Academic Advisor Approval Form - AU Core along with the abroad application.
  • Generally, you may study abroad beginning in the second semester of sophomore year, IF you have successfully completed the following:
    Students who entered AU prior to Fall 2018:
    •  8 of your 10 General Education requirements, including both ECON-100 and ECON-200
    • WRTG-100 and WRTG-101
    • MATH-211 and STAT-204
    • ACCT-240 and ACCT-241
    • KSB-211 (applies only to students who started at AU in Fall 2016 or later)
    • WRTG-100 and WRTG-101 (or WRTG-106)
    • Cumulative GPA of 2.75 (some programs require higher)
Students who entered AU in Fall 2018 or later:
  • WRTG-100 and WRTG-101 (or WRTG-106)
  • STAT-204
  • ECON-150 (or both ECON-100 and ECON-200)
  • ACCT-240 and ACCT-241
  • KSB-101
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.75 (some programs require higher)
  • MATH-211 (BS Finance Majors only!)
  • Kogod students CANNOT take Accounting credits, MGMT-201 (only students who entered AU before Fall 2018), or MGMT-458 abroad.
  • Students in the BSA, BSF, BLC  programs or those who have fewer than 9 elective credits remaining are required to meet with the Director of Global Learning before their application will be approved by Kogod advising.
  • Kogod allows up to 3 Kogod core courses and up to 2 Kogod specialization courses to be taken abroad.
  • Kogod students cannot take Accounting credits, MGMT-201, or MGMT-458 abroad.
  • Business, Language & Culture Studies (BLC) Majors are required to take a minimum of 12 AU credits in their language track while abroad, including 6 credits of Business courses.
  • If your abroad course selections change from those listed on your pre-approval form, you must ensure that they have approval from the appropriate department at AU.