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AU Abroad, in consultation with the Student-Athlete Support Program, has compiled the following guidelines that varsity student-athletes should seriously consider when planning to study abroad.

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Due to practice and competition schedules, an athlete must carefully consider when is the best time to study abroad. Summer study abroad programs are an option for all athletes. Summer is the best option for students who participate in a winter or spring sport.

For students who participate in a fall sport, spring of senior year is the ideal time to study abroad. This is the best option for Field Hockey, Volleyball, Soccer, and Cross Country. Spring is usually spent training/practicing for a Fall competitive season. Since seniors are graduating and not competing the following Fall, it is feasible to go abroad in the Spring of senior year.

Consulting With Coach

It is essential that the student-athlete consult with his/her coach about studying abroad.

Academic Needs

Student-athletes must consult with their academic advisor in order to be sure they go abroad and stay on track to graduate on time.

Athletic Eligibility

If a student plays competitively while abroad, this could affect NCAA eligibility. The student should consult the Department of Athletics about NCAA Compliance.

Ability to Work Out/Train While Abroad

A student-athlete should look into the sports facilities available on-site in the study abroad location. The student-athlete needs to be able to exercise and ideally be able to do some sport specific training.


AU Abroad advisors can help students find the right program that meets academic and personal goals.  Email: or Tel: 202-885-1320.

The Student-Athlete Support Program provides academic support and life skills development for all student-athletes in partnership with the Academic Support and Access Center and the Department of Athletics.

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