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AU Abroad has over 130 programs in over 30 countries that you can choose from!  Consult our Program List to access individual brochure pages with more detailed information about the academics, housing, budget and student life of each program.

The Language Abroad section will help you determine skill sets and programs for language study. Through AU Abroad you can excel in a language you are already learning, or start at the beginning and learn the basics. If you don’t speak another language, 60% of programs require no prior language and offer courses in English; just because you don't speak another language doesn't mean you are limited to the UK and Australia.

It's called Study Abroad for a reason! A large part of your time will be spent in the classroom and engaging in academic work. Consult the Major Advising Sheets to see recommended programs for your major.

The majority of our programs are similar in cost to your educational and living expenses for a semester in D.C. Check out the Financing Study Abroad page to compare program costs and research scholarships.

Once you have taken the time to clarify your study abroad goals and identify a few programs of interest, you are ready to sit down with your academic advisor AND meet with a study abroad advisor to discuss individual programs more in depth.

What to discuss with a Study Abroad Advisor

  • How to access study abroad course information
  • Program specific information
  • Comparing/contrasting program offerings