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Please keep in mind the minimum requirements to study abroad through American University:

  • 2.75 Cumulative GPA for semester/full-year programs (2.5 for summer programs); Keep in mind many programs have higher requirements. Check the program's brochure page to find out the program specific GPA requirement.***
  • Second-Semester Sophomore Status for semester/full year program (some summer program are available after your freshman year while others require junior standing). Check the program's brochure page to find out the program specific requirement.
  • You cannot study if you have a current Student Conduct sanction or are on disciplinary or academic probation.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE: Students who do not meet the stated requirements for their program should not begin an application to study abroad without meeting with an AU Abroad Advisor.

Students who not meet or exceed the minimum cumulative GPA requirement for their stated program must apply for a Waiver to the GPA requirement from AU Abroad.  To apply for this Waiver students must:
  • Submit a supplemental statement addressing their low GPA.  This statement should individually address each class or term with a grade lower than a C average and explain what affected academic performance.  Students must enumerate what changes they have implemented to improve their academic performance. Finally they must explain why they believe their application for study abroad should still be considered despite not meeting the requirement and explain why they feel they are qualified to participate in the study abroad program. This statement should be dropped off at AU Abroad or emailed to
  • Submit a letter of support for the AU Abroad GPA Waiver from their academic advisor. This statement should be dropped off at AU Abroad or emailed to
Many programs do not allow exceptions to the GPA requirement under any circumstances. Decisions are made by AU Abroad on a case by case basis.