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Students With Disabilities

AU Abroad makes every effort to ensure that students with disabilities can participate successfully in study abroad programs.  Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that facilities or support services will be available at each location abroad in the same range and quality as on the AU campus.  We cannot alter architecture, transportation, or laws in other countries.  We can, however, encourage students with disabilities to meet with staff in the Academic Support and Access Center (ASAC) to discuss accommodation needs and identify appropriate sites overseas.  We have outlined the following suggested steps for AU students with disabilities who are interested in studying abroad.

Things to Think About

  • Talk to your counselor in the ASAC about your particular needs, study abroad options, and possible site-specific information about disability issues
  • Consult with multiple resources before making a decision about whether and where to study (e.g., a site coordinator overseas, the AU Abroad staff, your academic advisor, students who have participated in a program of interest, etc.)
  • Identify a study abroad site of your choice
  • Submit the application to the AU Abroad office
  • Once admitted, complete the Disability Accommodation Request form
  • Follow up to coordinate your accommodation request between your ASAC counselor, the AU Abroad office, and the site coordinator overseas


The AU Abroad office can advise you on your study abroad options and help you find the right program for your major and personal goals.  Tel: 202-885-1320 or

The Academic Support and Access Center (ASAC) supports the academic development and educational goals of all American University students and is committed to providing access for individuals with disabilities within the university's diverse community.

Mobility International USA is a disability-led non-profit organization headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, USA working to advance the rights of people with disabilities globally.

Access Abroad, University of Minnesota is a presentation that gives helpful information on accommodations abroad, essential steps in pre-departure planning for students with disabilities, and additional resources for students.