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Study Abroad for Anthropology Majors

NOTE--The list below contains recommended options only. Students are not limited to just these programs! For a comprehensive listing of options, complete university descriptions, and course listings, please visit AU Abroad brochure webpages.
  • The Department of Anthropology encourages students to study abroad as part of anthropology's emphasis on cross-cultural learning. The Department will support students interested in any study abroad program with anthropological content, broadly defined, including programs allowing the study of society, culture, history, politics, economics, psychology, and related fields. 
  • Anthropology majors and minors interested in studying abroad should discuss their plans with their CAS academic advisor as soon as possible so they can begin to fit study abroad into a larger plan to complete their graduation requirements.  
  • After meeting with their CAS academic advisor, students should discuss their plans to study abroad with their Anthropology major/minor advisor. Anthropology advisors can help discuss the selection of a country and program, course selection, and study abroad timing (see point below). Study abroad programs vary in their offerings and in their rigor. Part of study abroad experiences may involve adapting to different cultural systems of education and evaluative standards for academic work. 
  • The Department of Anthropology generally recommends students study abroad for 1-2 semesters during their junior year. In some cases, there may be reason for students to study abroad beginning as early as the second semester of sophomore year or as late as the first semester of senior year. Students should discuss the timing of study abroad with their Anthropology major/minor advisor given that required courses for the major and minor are not offered every semester. 
  • Students should not expect to receive General Education credit for classes abroad, so we recommend students complete most of their general education requirements before studying abroad
  • Students should discuss course selection with their Anthropology major/minor advisor to ensure students understand what courses and credits will apply to the major/minor. 
  • In most cases, courses abroad count toward electives requirements for the Anthropology major/minor.  
  • In some cases, students can fulfill their Fieldwork/Internship requirement for the Anthropology major. In rare cases, students can fulfill other required courses for the Anthropology major.  
  • There is no limit on the number of credits that can be applied to the Anthropology major/minor. 
  • Students are encouraged to take courses in a local language and/or to pursue local language learning (for a language in which you are not a native speaker).