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Staff : Kelly Jo Bahry

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Kelly Jo Bahry

202 885 1326

Senior Study Abroad Advisor

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Kelly Jo grew up with near the Mexican border in California, and took learning American Sign Language and Spanish in childhood for granted. She considers her first "real" travel outside the United States by herself to be Greece, when she was 16 years old. She studied abroad for her undergrad in Zimbabwe and lived in Kenya (about nine years) and Nigeria (one year). Kelly Jo was AU Nairobi's first country director in 2005, but before then she interviewed refugees all over Africa for resettlement to the United States, including the Sudanese "Lost Boys". Her favorite thing about study abroad is the transformational experience it can provide. She can can greet people or say 'thank you' in about ten languages, but now when she tries to speak Spanish, Swahili comes out. Kelly Jo believes nothing worth anything comes easy.

Kelly Jo advises for programs in Belgium, Greece, Jordan, Kenya, Morocco, the Netherlands, and The United Arab Emirates.

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