Religious Studies Major Advising Sheet

Study Abroad for Religious Studies Majors

AU Abroad, in consultation with the Department of Philosophy and Religion, offers a selection of programs suited for Religious Studies majors. These programs are recommended based on the academic quality of the host institution’s course offerings in your major. In addition to the following programs, students can also explore other options through AU Abroad.

The Department of Philosophy and Religion recommends that students study abroad during their junior year.  

Religion related courses taken abroad will count toward the Religious Studies major requirement of nine credits to be taken outside the Departmen tof Philosophy and Religion.

Below is a selection of highlighted study abroad options. Some options in Spain, France and Germany may require advanced language proficiency.


University of Queensland 


Carleton University 

Czech Republic 

Prague Jewish Studies (CET) 


King’s College London 
Oxford University—Lady Margaret Hall 
School of Oriental and African Studies 
University of Exeter 


India: Buddhist Studies in India (Antioch University)


Trinity College Dublin 


Ben Gurion University 
Hebrew University of Jerusalem 
Tel Aviv University
University of Haifa 


Japan and Its Buddhist Traditions (Antioch University)


University of Leiden 

New Zealand 

University of Auckland 
Victoria University of Wellington 


University of Edinburgh 
University of Glasgow