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Morocco: AMIDEAST in Rabat
Rabat, Morocco
Program Terms: Academic Year,
This program is currently not accepting applications.
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Restrictions: AU- applicants only
Budget Sheets Fall,
Fact Sheet:
Housing: Dormitory, Homestay Language Pre-requisite: none
Language of Instruction: Arabic, English, French
 Non-AU Students Accepted:
Internship: Yes Advisor: Kelly Jo Bahry
Minimum GPA: 3.0 Class Level Required for Admission: Junior standing
 Program Type:
Not Direct Enrollment
Program Description:

Is this program right for you?

Medina entranceThis program is designed for U.S study abroad students with an interest in studying Arabic and the Middle East/North African region. This program incorporates courses taught by Moroccan faculty, immersive housing options and numerous cultural activities into the student experience.  Upon completion of this program, students will be well-versed in the issues in contemporary Moroccan culture and made significant progress in their Arabic and/or French language skills.  Please look over frequently asked questions and answers here.


The AMIDEAST Education Abroad Program in Rabat offers a diverse set of courses, semi-intensive instruction in Modern Standard Arabic and Moroccan Arabic.  Rabat is one of Morocco's "imperial cities," and its modern capital.  It is home to the leading educational institutions in the country and offers students opportunities to move from the shops and cafes of the "European" city to the winding alleys and exciting markets of the old medina in a few minutes' walk. 

Students in the program live either with Arabic-speaking Moroccan families or in a private Moroccan student residence hall and attend their classes both at AMIDEAST's facilities in the bustling Agdal area of the city and in the buildings of AMIDEAST's partner, the College of Letters and Humanities of Mohammed V University – Agdal, near the Royal Palace.  Courses are taught by English-speaking Moroccan faculty members from the University and other universities in Rabat and neighboring cities.

Course Equivalency: Click here to find out which courses on this program have already been equated to AU courses. Please note that you are NOT limited to just these courses. Students will need to request equivalency for courses which have not been previously reviewed.

Language Courses

AMIDEAST officeLanguage Studies (6-9 credits; 6 credits in Arabic required): All students will enroll Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) for 3 credits and Moroccan Colloquial Arabic (Darija) for 3 credits. For MSA, students will be given a placement exam on arrival and enrolled at the appropriate level. All students will enroll in the same MCA course, which will be less intensive than the MSA course.

Advanced French will also be offered as an elective, for 3 credits; students wishing to enroll in Advanced French will be given a placement test on arrival and enrolled if they are at the appropriate level. French courses will only be offered at advanced levels.

Middle Eastern/North African Studies Courses

Students will enroll in 2-3 content courses taught in English. These courses will vary by semester. Options include:

* The Maghrib: North African Societies in Transition
* Contemporary History of Morocco and North Africa
* The Islamic World and the West
* Issues in Contemporary Moroccan Culture
* Amazigh History and Culture
*Islamic Reforms and Islamism
* Political Systems in the Maghrib
* Maghrebi Francophone Literature in Translation

* Gender, Islam, and Society
* Litteratures Francophones du Maghreb (taught in French)


MosaicIn addition to the academic program, the AMIDEAST Education Abroad Program in Rabat offers a variety of additional learning opportunities to enhance participants' study abroad experience.

    * Civil Society:  Students will encounter a variety of Moroccan civil society organizations ranging from political and human rights groups to women's organizations to sports clubs.  AMIDEAST will organize special activities to facilitate student connections to these organizations.
    * Service-learning: AMIDEAST coordinates organized service-learning projects either for individual students or for larger groups. With many connections to a wide range of organizations in Morocco, AMIDEAST can adapt projects to individual student interests to ensure a unique and satisfying service-learning experience.
    * Cross-cultural learning: AMIDEAST and Mohammed V University-Agdal organize a variety of cross-cultural learning opportunities. Ranging from meet-and-greets
to formal presentations, these events give participants the chance to interact with Moroccan students, to learn more about Morocco, and to introduce others to American culture.


Students may apply for part-time, non-credit internships with businesses, international institutions, and non-governmental organizations in Rabat.  Student internships in Morocco are not as common as in the U.S., and therefore students are encouraged to make note of their interest in an internship early in the application process and in as much detail as possible.  AMIDEAST will endeavor to match students
with strong French or Arabic language skills to relevant organizations according to their skills and interests, coordinate the application process, and monitor the progress of the internship. (Note: internship placements are at the discretion of the host organization; placement is not guaranteed)

Academic excursions

Mint teaAMIDEAST Education Abroad Program in Rabat students participate in three program-organized excursions outside of Rabat to visit major cities and historical sites in Morocco. The excursions are coordinated by AMIDEAST/Morocco in conjunction with the program's academic staff from Mohammed V University-Agdal and are led by a member of the faculty. Organized activities are combined with limited free time, allowing students to explore independently within a safe and structured framework.
  • Three days/two nights in Marrakesh.
  • Three days/two nights in and around Fez.
  • Three days/two nights in northern Morocco.

There is also an optional excursion (at additional cost) to the desert (including one night in tents among dunes).

Student Life

Morocco is a gateway to the Arab world and beyond. A meeting point for civilizations and continents situated on the northwest tip of Africa.  Contemporary Morocco, with its 35 million people, is a unique mixture of Middle Eastern, African, and European cultures. Students will have the opportunity to experience life in a Muslim country while exploring the distinct society and traditions of the Maghreb. Morocco's political, social, economic and historical experiences will challenge students' preconceptions about Islam, democracy, development, ethnicity and modernity.

Please see AMIDEAST students' experiences on their blog here.

Housing & Meals

AgdalStudents enrolled in the AMIDEAST Education Abroad Program in Rabat, Morocco have a choice of living arrangements and meal plans.


Living with a Moroccan Family – students who select this option will live with a Moroccan family that has been carefully screened by AMIDEAST/Morocco from a database of qualified applicants. Students usually are placed with families who have previous experience hosting American students through AMIDEAST. Few, if any, families speak English. Most host family members speak Arabic as a first language and also speak French; a small number of family members also speak Spanish or Amazigh (Berber) as well.

Homestay dinnerAMIDEAST matches students with host families using a variety of criteria. While all placement preferences may not be met in every case, AMIDEAST will strive to make the best match to ensure a rewarding and pleasant living experience. In the event of a problem, AMIDEAST Education Abroad Program staff members will be available either to mediate or to arrange a new host family placement.  Students living with host families will be provided with all meals by their host families but may find that some days it is not possible to return to the family for lunch because of class schedules.

Student Residences

Living in a student residence with a Moroccan roommate – students who select this option will live in a private Moroccan student residence hall that opened in 2007. Each double room has a private bathroom and toilet, small refrigerator and cooking facilities and internet access.  There are separate buildings for male and female students and strict gender segregation is enforced.  The residence hall is located in the university quarter of the city and students living there should expect to take public transportation to and from classes.  A student cafeteria is located across the street and students may eat there, prepare their own meals in their rooms, or eat in restaurants, at the University and other universities in Rabat and neighboring cities.

Visa Information

American citizens must present a valid passport, but they are not required to obtain a visa to travel to Morocco. Visitors may remain in Morocco for up to 90 days, after which time they must leave the country or apply for a residency permit. AMIDEAST will coordinate the visa extension process when necessary.

Citizens of other countries should check with AMIDEAST during the application process to ascertain what visa requirements they may face. 


Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Academic Year 2014-2015 02/26/2014 
Varies by program TBA TBA
Fall 2014 02/26/2014 
Varies by program 08/23/2014 12/19/2014
 NOTE: Orientation begins on the 24th and students can leave on December 20th.

** The time it takes to receive an admissions decision varies greatly by program; it can take as little as two weeks or as long as several months. Contact AU Abroad for further details on your program's admissions timeline.

Indicates that deadline has passed
This program is currently not accepting applications.
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