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Fact Sheet:
Advisor: Courtney Pollack Advising Required: No
Language Pre-requisite: 6 semesters of French (or equivalent) Minimum GPA: 2.75
Class Level Required for Admission: Junior standing Non-AU Students Accepted by AU: No
Language of Instruction: French Language Courses Offered: Yes
Housing: Homestay Program Type: Direct Enrollment
Program Description:


Is This Program Right for You?

For students who desire immersion into French life and Parisian culture, the MICEFA program offers the key to the gateway of Paris. The Mission Interuniversitaire De Coordination Des Echanges Franco-Americans (MICEFA) is a well-established cultural organization designed to foster direct exchanges between French and American universities. American University students have the integrated experience of direct enrollment in a French university in addition to the assistance of a professional, student-oriented, dedicated intercultural office.

The MICEFA office in Paris and AU Abroad work together to provide students with pre-departure information and on-site support in Paris in order for AU students to enroll in one of the institutions in the Paris University System. Placement and selection of the institution depends on the student's level of French comprehension. The placement test is taken on-site upon arrival during the MICEFA orientation.

Students have full access to the many cafes, parks, art museums, and restaurants that Paris has to offer. The professional services that MICEFA provides combined with the accessible city of Paris offers undergraduate students a unique academic opportunity to experience a rich culture, in a beautiful setting.

A note on spring placements:  Because of the requirements of French immigration, students participating in the MICEFA exchange program must be in the US in the semester prior to study abroad.  Students studying abroad elsewhere in the fall, cannot participate in a MICEFA exchange in the spring.


AU students directly enroll in one of the universities in the MICEFA consortium for either a  spring semester or for a full year and earn AU credit. It is important to note that you are required to have a minimum of six  semesters of college-level French.  Students with four semesters of French may be accepted on an exceptional basis when applying for full year placements. The more French that you have before you go, the greater number of study options will be available to you. Because you are directly enrolling in a French university, extensive course offerings are available to you. Options may vary, depending on your level of French. MICEFA administers a language placement test upon your arrival to Paris.

You receive an intensive language training and a language placement exam during a two-week orientation at the beginning of the program. Once your level of French is determined, you will meet with the Program Director and a French language faculty member to determine your university placement. Depending on your language level, you may take a combination of French academic content courses, French language courses, English Department courses, or MICEFA Center courses. Normally students take a combination of between 12-17 credits. MICEFA translates all grades from the French university and provides a transcript to AU at the end of the term. In addition to courses at a French university, the MICEFA Center offers a variety of electives offered in English.

Here are the most common academic combinations for MICEFA students, determined by French language level -

Intermediate French

Intensive French Orientation course - 3 credits
Language Course at University of Paris X - 2 credits
Language Course at University of Paris X - 2 credits
Content Course at University of Paris X - 2 credits
MICEFA Course 3 credits

Total 12 credits

Advanced French

Intensive French Orientation Course - 3 credits
Language Course at University of Paris VIII - 2 credits
Content Course at University of Paris VIII - 3 credits
Content Course at University of Paris VIII - 2 credits
Content Course at University of Paris VIII - 3 credits
MICEFA Course 3 credits
Total 16 credits

In order to apply credit to the degree at AU, students are required to secure course equivalencies.  Students should not attempt to secure additional equivalencies until the pre-departure orientation, when each students academic requirements will be reviewed.

Student Life


For students who participate in a MICEFA exchange, students arrange for homestays through ATOME Paris.  Students will be provided breakfast every day by their homestay families but will be responsible for their meals on their own. 

Activities and Excursions

Each MICEFA participant is encouraged to take advantage of the student life of the campus to which s/he is assigned. Each campus is different in terms of the student activities and associations that you can join.

You will be able to contact alumni of this program when you start an application.

Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring 2018 09/26/2017
Varies by program 01/02/2018 06/16/2018
NOTE: Students will learn of acceptance approximately 4 weeks upon completion of the application. Departure date is subject to change
Academic Year 2018-2019 03/08/2018
Varies by program 08/20/2018 06/15/2019
NOTE: Students will learn of acceptance approximately 6 weeks after completion of the application. Program dates are tentative. Final dates will be confirmed upon acceptance into the program.
Spring 2019 10/12/2018 ** Varies by program 01/02/2019 06/16/2019
NOTE: Students will learn of acceptance approximately 4 weeks upon completion of the application. Departure date is subject to change

** The time it takes to receive an admissions decision varies greatly by program; it can take as little as two weeks or as long as several months. Contact AU Abroad for further details on your program's admissions timeline.

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