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Fact Sheet:
Advisor: Sarah Beumer Harlow Advising Required: YES
Language Pre-requisite: none Minimum GPA: 3
Class Level Required for Admission: Second-semester Sophomore standing Non-AU Students Accepted by AU: No
Language of Instruction: English Language Courses Offered: Yes
Housing: Shared Apt. Internship: No
Program Type: Partial Direct Enrollment
Program Description:

Is this Program Right for You?

To apply to this program student must have completed or currently be taking COMM 331 Film & Video Production I.

Through the Prague Film Production program, administered by CET Academic Programs, students have the opportunity to intensively study film in one of the most dynamic and compelling cities in Europe.  The Film Production program is designed for students who are highly motivated to produce and direct their own stories.  This is one of the only programs that allows students to learn old-school film production techniques—16mm or 35mm. Working in these media means that planning is everything and every shot counts, lessons that only help when switching to digital later on.

Entrance to FAMU buildingThe program is hosted by FAMU, the Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.  FAMU is consistently ranked one of the best film schools in the world.  The Film Production program is an exclusive experience unequaled in the film education world. Central to the program is a master class on film production. Students learn through the production process and on-site workshops.  Students who are interested in the Prague Film Production program want to immerse themselves in film production for a semester and produce a 7-10 minute narrative film with a small team of students.  

Academic Information

Students filming for classThe curriculum for the Film Production program is entirely integrated so that all courses work toward the production of a narrative or documentary film.  Students create the films in small production groups. The program adopts a mentorship approach so that students learn directly from experts in directing, screenwriting, cinematography, and more. 

All students take the Film Technology and Practice core master class, a Czech language course and one or two courses from the FAMU International program. View the Course Equivalency Database to find out which courses on this program have already been equated to AU courses. Please note that you are NOT limited to just these courses. Students will need to request equivalency for courses which have not been previously reviewed.

Required Courses

Film Technology and Practice (9 credits)

This composite, time-intensive course includes regular mentoring and consultation with a team of expert faculty in the departments of Directing, Cinematography, Screenwriting, Acting and Editing.  During production, students collaborate with a professional-level production manager, camera assistant, sound designer and color grader. Students also practice the art of talent selection by working with a casting agency that provides professional actors for their productions. Students work with the lab, select film stocks for greater cinematic control and practice lighting both interior and exterior productions. During the post-production process, emphasis is placed on the importance of color-grading and color-correction, graphics, special effects, sound mixing and design.

There is a required studio Lighting Exercise workshop class which students are required to take as part of the core film program.

Czech Language and Culture (3 credits)

At the beginning of the term, students participate in a week-long Czech Language and Culture Intensive to introduce them to practical Czech and life in the Prague. Students continue to study Czech throughout the term, in a course that is adapted to the rigorous film production schedule. Students are challenged to utilize their new language skills in everyday situations.

Elective Courses

Students take one or two electives from the FAMU International program.  Electives focus on topics such as cinematography, animation, production, direction and scriptwriting.  See the FAMU website for specific course offerings.  Electives are taught in English at FAMU International.  Courses are taken with other international students.

Student Life

Life in Prague

Goethe proclaimed Prague to be "the most precious stone in the crown of the world." Prague stands at the crossroads of Europe, where east meets west and history meets today's post-communist era. Rivaling Paris as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Prague will invite you to wander through its fairytale-like cobblestone streets and take in a thousand years of architectural and artistic history.

The Film Production program is hosted by FAMU, the Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, one of Europe's oldest and finest film academies. Located in the historic center of Prague, FAMU has played an integral role in Czech cultural history for the last sixty years, fostering the New Wave of the 1960s and serving as a headquarters for the student-led Velvet Revolution that brought an end to communist rule in Czechoslovakia. The Academy of Performing Arts counts among its alumni such famous directors and writers as Jiri Menzel, Milan Kundera, Milos Forman, Vera Chytilova and Vaclav Havel, who continue to visit the school and lecture on an occasional basis. The presence of such luminaries in the film, television and performing arts industries at the school allows students on the Film Production program an exclusive experience unequaled in the film education world.

Housing and Meals

Students are housed with other CET Film Production participants in apartments located in neighborhoods close to the center of Prague. Using public transportation, students can commute to the CET Center in about 15 minutes. When available, students share their apartment with Czech students, allowing for cross-cultural exchange and the development of international friendships. Each apartment is fully furnished, with a kitchen and a washing machine. Students are also supplied with bed linens.

Excursions and Activities

Prague castleA wide variety of activities arranged by CET make Prague come alive. Activities are designed to provide opportunities that students would not normally have on their own. Such activities might come in the form of special tours, cultural events, film screenings, and social activities with Czech students.

Overnight Trip

Once a term, students depart Prague and venture on an overnight excursion together to Cesky Krumlov. This is a beautiful medieval/renaissance castle town on the Austrian border. The castles, deserted German villages and natural beauty of Cesky Krumlov's surrounding region give students a new perspective on Czech history and culture.

Weekend trip
Each term, students will take a weekend trip outside of Prague to learn more about film in another country.   Possible locations for this excursion include Berlin and Munich. 

Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Fall 2018 03/23/2018
Varies by program 08/22/2018 12/20/2018
Spring 2019 09/21/2018 ** Varies by program 01/16/2019 05/16/2019
NOTE: Program dates are estimates. Do not finalize travel arrangements until exact dates are given by program.

** The time it takes to receive an admissions decision varies greatly by program; it can take as little as two weeks or as long as several months. Contact AU Abroad for further details on your program's admissions timeline.

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