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Scholarships & Grants


AU Abroad Grants, ranging up to $3,000, are available for AU students going on AU Abroad programs during the Fall and Spring semesters. In the field of international study, the funds are unprecedented and highlight American University's emphasis on global education.

As a part of the student grants, AU Abroad has two named scholarships specifically for students participating on our programs in Madrid and Nairobi. Students who apply for an AU Abroad Grant and meet the criteria for each of these scholarships will be considered for these named scholarships first. If they do not receive a named scholarship they will then be considered for a general grant. Students will only ever be able to receive one grant, and will not receive both a named scholarship and a general grant. The two named scholarships are:


To be eligible for consideration, you must be an AU degree-seeking undergraduate student and complete both an application to study abroad AND the AU Abroad Grant application. Students who have not studied or traveled abroad in the past are strongly encouraged to apply. These competitive grants are only awarded on the basis of financial need and the quality of the essays. Grants are for only one semester of study in an AU Abroad Site or Partner. Previous award winners are not eligible.

Please note: these grants could potentially impact your financial aid package. AU Abroad Grants can generally only be used to pay tuition and fees to AU and, in some cases, to cover other program-related expenses. Please contact AU Central with any questions.

AU Abroad Grants of up to $1,500 are available for programs at AU Premier Centers Abroad in Brussels, Nairobi and Madrid. AU Abroad Grants can generally only be used to pay tuition and fees to AU and, in some cases, to cover other program-related expenses.

Jane R. Glaser Scholarship

SPA undergraduate students with a minimum 3.2 GPA are eligible for the Glaser scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded annually for the purpose of spending at least one semester studying abroad in Israel at the Hebrew University. Scholarships awarded by the fund will be applied solely to the cost of attending Hebrew University.  All SPA undergraduate students who apply for Hebrew University by the deadline and meet the 3.2 minimum GPA will be considered for this award.

Established in 2001 through the generosity of Patricia L. Glaser (SPA/BA ’69) and Samuel H. Mudie, the fund is in recognition of Jane Glaser, Patricia’s mother. Jane Glaser was director of the Office of Museum Programs for the Smithsonian Institution, an author of books and articles about museums, a leader in volunteer organizations, and a consultant and advisor who traveled worldwide to promote the important role of museums. A resident of Charleston, West Virginia, after World War II, Jane was an active volunteer in her community for close to 30 years and became director of Sunrise, the Children’s Museum and Planetarium of Charleston. She was voted president of the Association of American Youth Museums, and in 1975 she was appointed to her position at the Smithsonian. Her contributions to the museum field were recognized with her induction into the Cosmos Club, an honorary club in Washington, D.C., which awards membership to those with distinctive and meritorious careers. Jane passed away in November of 2004, and left a legacy of unique work in her profession.

Jane’s daughter, Patricia, has been a champion of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem for more than three decades. She is a Governor of the university’s International Board of Governors and considers her and her husband’s relationship to Hebrew University and a number of its graduates to be life-shaping. In the spirit of Jane’s work, which extended knowledge and guidance to countries around the globe, the Jane R. Glaser Scholarship Fund helps current SPA students travel to Israel to learn more about the world. The Jane R. Glaser Scholarship Fund helps current SPA students travel to Israel to learn more about the world

AU undergraduate students should work with AU Abroad on applying to study abroad. Students must apply and be accepted to Hebrew University, as well as submit a personal statement detailing their proposed study abroad plans and rationale for applying.  Students can submit their personal statements for the Glaser Scholarship through the SPA website

  • Number of available awards: 1
  • Amount previously awarded: $10,000
For questions regarding the Glaser scholarship, please contact

Lorry Segal Israel Travel Award

The Lorry Segal Israel Travel Award is a competitive award available to American University students studying in Israel. Students must posses a strong interest in Israeli politics, society and culture. Eligibility is restricted to AU undergraduate students studying at an Israeli University with AU Abroad or AU students traveling to Israel with American University faculty as a part of an AU academic program.

  • Number of available awards: 2
  • Amount previously awarded: $800

Many of our partner institutions provide program specific scholarships. For more information on these opportunities, click on Program Specific Scholarships

In addition to AU Abroad scholarships, students may investigate options available through AU Central. Additional university resources may be found through the AU Career Center Office of Merit Awards

Support for international travel may be found beyond the AU campus. Outside organizations, such as the Institute of International Education (IIE), provide detailed listings of scholarship, award and grant opportunities for foreign study programs. The US Department of State exchange page features recent news in international education, including prominent grants in the field. International Education Financial Aid is an additional resource of useful study abroad financial information.

Diversity Abroad, in partnership with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad and The Foundation for Asia Pacific Education offers $1,000 scholarships for undergraduate students to study abroad in the Asia/Pacific region during summer, fall and spring terms. This scholarship specifically targets students who identify as one of the following: ethnic minority, economically disadvantaged, having a physical disability, or first generation college student.

The Foundation for Global Scholars is another organization that awards scholarships to help enable students to obtain an international experience. Students who are from underrepresented populations in international education are a priority.

The Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) is committed to increasing the opportunities for dedicated American students to participate in high-quality, rigorous education abroad programs by reducing financial restrictions through the provision of grants and scholarships. They give general scholarships as well as a couple dedicated scholarships which AU students are eligible to receive.  The first is called the Rainbow Scholarship and is specifically geared towards supporting LGBTQ students who study abroad. Secondly, FEA also gives out a DC Area Scholarship which is available to a deserving student who attends a U.S. university/college located in the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia, or suburban Maryland. This scholarship is made possible by the generous support and fundraising efforts of international educators working in the DC Area.