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Guidelines for All MajorsKogod Logo

  • Generally, students study abroad between their second semester of sophomore year through their junior year. The decision when to study abroad should be made in consultation with the student’s academic adivisor.
  • Students need to let their academic advisor know as soon as possible about their desire to study abroad so they can meet to discuss their study abroad goals and how to fit this experience into their specific academic program and graduation requirements.
  • Even after courses abroad have been equated to courses at AU, students must review final course selection with their academic advisors.
  • It is recommended that students complete at least 80% of their general education requirements before studying abroad.

Kogod School of Business Study Abroad Guidance

  • KSB students must complete the Kogod Academic Advisor Study Abroad Approval Form along with the abroad application. 
  • Generally, you may study abroad beginning in the second semester of sophomore year, IF you have successfully completed the following:
    • 8 of your 10 General Education requirements, including both ECON-100 and ECON-200
    • WRTG-100 and WRTG-101 (or English Competency exam)
    • MATH-211 and STAT-204
    • ACCT-240 and ACCT-241
    • KSB-211 (applies only to students who started at AU in Fall 2016 or later)
  • Kogod allows up to 3 Kogod core courses and up to 2 Kogod specialization courses to be taken abroad.
  • Kogod students cannot take Accounting credits, MGMT-201, or MGMT-458 abroad.
  • Business, Language & Culture Studies (BLC) Majors are required to take a minimum of 12 AU credits in their language track while abroad, including 6 credits of Business courses.
  • If your abroad course selections change from those listed on your pre-approval form, you must ensure that they have approval from the appropriate department at AU.
  • Selection of accredited and suggested semester study abroad options for Business majors
  • Kogod students are also strongly encouraged register for IBUS 244-International Management Practices.
  • For a comprehensive listing of options, complete descriptions, and course listings, please visit and