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School of Communications Majors

Guidelines for All Communication MajorsSOC Logo

  • Generally, students study abroad for one semester (though with careful planning two semesters might be possible) between the second semester of sophomore year and the first semester of their senior year. The decision when to study abroad should be made in consultation with the student’s academic advisor.
  • Students need to let their academic advisor know as soon as possible about their desire to study abroad so they can meet to discuss their study abroad goals and how to fit this experience into their specific academic program and graduation requirements.
  • Even after courses abroad have been equated to courses at AU, students must review final course selection with their academic advisors.
  • Students at American university are expected to complete their general education requirements within their first 60 credits, or two years for a full time student at AU.  If this cannot be arranged, it is recommended that students complete at least 80% of their general education requirements before studying abroad.
  • With the exception of the Prague Film Production program, students pursuing a major in the School of Communication are allowed to count a maximum of two courses (or six credits) toward their SOC major from their entire time abroad, and not two per semester.
  • When considering where to study abroad, students should also look into programs where they can get credit for their major/minor outside SOC.

Guidelines for Minors in Communication

  • Students pursuing a minor in Communication are allowed to count one course taken abroad toward their minor in Communication.  If a student studies abroad more than one time, he or she is allowed to count one course abroad toward their minor in SOC from their entire time abroad, and not one per semester.  Internships for credit cannot count toward the minor in Communication
  • To find courses that have already been approved for Communication minors in SOC, students can use the course equivalency database.   To do so, students can type COMM into the search bar.  This will bring up a list of courses that have been offered abroad, that have been approved to count toward your minor.  Students can then click on the name of the class and locate where COMM is listed in the comment section.  Next to COMM students will see a note for which minor requirement the course will count.  Please note that the minor is divided into three sections: core courses, skills, and media studies

School of Communication Major Specific Advising Sheets

The following major specific advising sheets will help students determine the right study abroad program for their major.  These guides have been created by AU Abroad in conjunction with the corresponding AU department.

  • Communication Studies
  • Film and Media Arts
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations and Strategic Communication
  • Foreign Language and Communication majors must consult with their SOC academic advisor to discuss study abroad. There is no specific advising sheet for these students since students might be able to take more than two courses abroad for  their major (if some of the courses count for the student’s foreign language or contemporary culture requirements, instead of media studies, for example).  These decisions will be made on a case by case basis for FLCM majors, so all FLCM majors must consult with their SOC academic advisor to discuss how courses taken abroad will count toward major requirements.