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Welcome Back to AU

Now that you are back on campus, you may feel that things are a little different. You may feel as though you have changed from the person you were when when you left a few short months ago. Some students will experience return to the USA as a homecoming, while others will view home as newly strange to them because they are experiencing the familiar through newly adjusted eyes. This is normal and all part of the study abroad process.

You may also be experiencing difficulty readjusting to life and academics at AU. This, too, is a normal part of the study abroad experience. Our office is here to help you with some resources to make the transition back to AU a little easier.

Ultimately, you have the power to turn this experience into a defining moment in your life. Just like the decision to study abroad required your initiative, so does the act of translating that experience into your future goals. And, just as you may have encountered difficulties or questions while preparing to study abroad, you may find that there are challenges awaiting you upon your return from study abroad. The AU Abroad office is here to support you, provide you with any resources, and guide you on your way even after you have returned from study abroad. 

Don't Fear Reverse Culture Shock?

Learn more about yourself as you adjust to being home. Enroll in the 1 credit online course, EDU 396 Translating Study Abroad.

Transitioning from study abroad