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Study Abroad for Public Relations and Strategic Communication majors

AU Abroad, in consultation with the School of Communication offers a selection of programs suited for Communication Majors. These programs are recommended based on the academic quality of the host institution’s course offerings in your major. In addition to the following programs, students can also explore other options through AU Abroad.

Generally, students majoring in Public Relations and Strategic Communications may study abroad between their second semester of sophomore year through their senior year.  The decision when to study abroad should be made in consultation with the student’s academic advisor to ensure it fits with their academic program.  

Students need to keep in mind SOC only allows 6 credits of approved COMM courses for a major when students study abroad.

To find courses that have already been approved for Public Relations and Strategic Communication majors in SOC, students can use the course equivalency database.   To do so, students can type PRSC into the search bar.  This will bring up a list of courses that have been offered abroad, that have been approved to count toward your major.  Students can then click on the name of the class and locate where PRSC is listed in the comment section.  Next to PRSC, students will see a note for which major requirement the course will count.  Please note that Public Communications majors can enter the search term PCOM into the search bar, because even though the PCOM and PRSC majors are similar, the major requirements in each major are named differently. Students are NOT limited to just these courses. Students will need to request equivalency for courses which have not been previously reviewed. 

Below is a selection of highlighted study abroad programs.  NOTE--The list below contains recommended options only. Students are not limited to just these programs! For a comprehensive listing of options, complete university descriptions, and course listings, please visit AU Abroad brochure webpages. ?

Programs at a Premier AU Abroad Center

Programs at Partner Institutions